If you get the chance to see this, SEE IT! It is wonderful!

State Farm is traveling across the country with Mack (They painted him blue, but his name is on the truck!), Lightning McQueen, Mater and Finn McMissile.

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They give you a special card and allow you to have your picture taken with each of the cars. The card will have a special code on the back, and you can view/download your images within 24-48 hours.

They will also allow you to take pictures with your own camera, so why not do both?!?!?!

Kids are given a nice carry bag with the state farm logo, a pencil, and the choice of a Mater key chain or a Lightning McQueen key chain.

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As they have traveled cross country, most of these events have taken place outdoors, in large areas, where they can fit everything into one area. When they came to Washington D.C. though, space was limited, so the interactive games and videos had to be moved indoors. Since they were in the nations capital, what better place to host these agents on a mission then the International Spy Museum.

As we went inside, our son was able to watch various Cars 2 trailers and ads, play a Mater matching game (available on 2 systems), use his special agent descrambler card on 3 large images of our heroes and then go to one of the many laptops and join the secret agents force!

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Talking with one of the agents on the tour, I was able to learn that, on average, people had waited in line 3 hours to get their pictures taken! They even had a 2+ hour line in St. Louis with 5 inches of snow on the ground. No one is more dedicated than a Disney fan!

The cars displayed are not gas powered vehicles, but electric powered, making them the largest produced radio controlled replica cars built. Our agent told us the highlight for a lot of people is watching the cars leave at the end of the day as they drive off.

They each run on four automotive style batteries at 48 volts and can run for 30 minutes at full speed. No speeding allowed though - The cars can travel up to 10 miles an hour. The engine sounds are recreated through a 200 watt sound system under the hood.

The Lightyear tires on Lightning McQueen were fabricated exclusively for this tour by Goodyear tires.

If you are unable to enjoy this tour, I hope you enjoy the pictures we have included!

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- Robert