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    Jeremy Piven -Finally Gets to Shine

    After a 20 year career as one of the most famous second bannana's in the industry- funny man Jeremy Piven will finally get his chance to shine. After a steller run on HBO's Entourage, garnishing him multiple awards and nominations, John Cusack's bestfriend will headline a new concept comedy next summer an an untitled man vs nature project for New Line Cinema.

    In the nature project, Piven will play a smug Portland, Ore., real estate developer who accepts a challenge from his real estate mogul boss to develop a pristine forest in the hopes of being promoted to partner.

    He gets more than he bargained for when the area's animal residents start taking their revenge on him and wreak havoc on his every attempt to develop the land.

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    Re: Jeremy Piven -Finally Gets to Shine

    I love Jeremy, and I think he's hot

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    Re: Jeremy Piven -Finally Gets to Shine

    Piven rules! I loved his (unfortunately) short lived TV show Cupid.

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    Re: Jeremy Piven -Finally Gets to Shine

    I'm extremely excited that he gets to have his own thing....he's been a favorite of mine since well....gosh.....Lucas and One Crazy Summer. My husband knows that if he's in a movie and he is shown on an ad, that we're going to the movie, even if he's only the sidekick, or say....a gay Versace salesman. I've always been extremely in love with him, even in his slightly overweight, stupid movie phases...of which there have been a few.

    Of all the John Cusack/Jeremy Piven movies....we have 8 of them on DVD. My husband points this out to people....who think I really have a thing for John Cusack. He's, she likes Jeremy Piven. And ten times out of ten, people say, WHO??? Oh well.

    I love line after "Throw a hug at it" is "I'm like R. Kelly at recess here" when he's on Viagra. So Ari. sounds like there are ANIMALS in this show? Oy. I like animals in movies and TV shows less than I like kids in them. Ugh....hope it's good!! And I hope they film a bit here in Portland. God, I'd love to meet him!! Or just to see him would be enough for me.

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    Re: Jeremy Piven -Finally Gets to Shine

    LOVED Cupid! He's always great, even in the bad films. And fantastic in the good ones. And rules ENTOURAGE. Adored him since he yelled, KEYMASTER! in Say Anything!!!
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