Source: Teen Gay Suicide And The X-Men Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors
On July the 20th, Marvel will be publishing a very special comic. X-Men writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, creators of the comic Phonogram, and working together to tell a story about teenage gay suicides in the X-Men comic, Generation Hope #9.
Based on recent prominent news stories, and public awarenesscampaigns, Kieron Gillen finds the topic ideally suited to the X-books. He told iFanboy;
ďItís not the type of story that fits in any other major superhero book. Itís simply not what those books are about. But the X-Men? X-Men is a book about mutants, used as a metaphor about prejudice. And of the X-Men books, Generation Hope is fundamentally about new mutants trying to survive dealing with the fact theyíre mutants. With the metaphor in place, you can not just do a story about it Ė I dare say you should tell a story about it. In a real way, itís the sort of story Generation Hope exists to tell. If we canít tell this story and tell it as well as we can, the book may as well not exist.Ē
Hereís an art preview from that issue.