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  • 4 Tires - Excellent, this movie fired on all cylinders

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  • 3 Tires - Fun Movie but could have used a tune-up

    21 42.86%
  • 2 Tires - Had a couple of flats

    7 14.29%
  • 1 Tire - Send out the Tow Truck (and not Mater)

    6 12.24%
  • 0 Tires - This was a complete wreck

    2 4.08%
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    Re: Cars 2: MiceChat Reviews

    So I loved some things about it, other things not really so much. If I get the chance I might still try to see it again, this time in 3D, mainly because it was gorgeous to look at. But one thing it was successful at for sure was getting me excited about Carsland at DCA.

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    Re: Cars 2: MiceChat Reviews

    I liked the shiny paint jobs, but that's about it. I absolutely LOVED the first one. I'm a car enthusiast, I love the old anthropomorphic vehicle cartoons Disney made in the old days, I enjoy auto racing, and road trips. The original had all the right pieces for me. This sequel however...epic fail. I was really looking forward to it too. I'm a Michael Caine AND an Aston Martin fan! I actually had trouble sitting through it! ....AND I can sit through an entire NASCAR race!! My favorite memory though, was that opening panoramic shot of the Italian race. The mountain range, the little buildings, trees, little roads, and the water all looked amazing in imax 3d. Like a huge scale model laid out before me.

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