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    The end of experimental Pixar Shorts?

    Hello all,

    I haven't seen this discussed, though admittedly I have not looked much, but I am worried that the advent of a franchise based Pixar Short means the death of the incredible shorts we have had over the last 25 years.

    Previously every one of the shorts has been a creative expirement that went out side of the box and created memorable segments of film that were heartwarming, thoughtful and generally a nice addition to the feature film. The Toy Story Hawaii Vacation feels more like a sales pitch to make sure you don't forget the characters from this franchise.

    So well this be the new trend now that Pixar is fully absorbed into Disney? Or will future Pixar films have shorts that continue to be unencumbered by preconceptions and selling the existing merchandise?

    What are your thoughts?


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    Re: The end of experimental Pixar Shorts?

    I don't think so and certainly hope not. The Toy Story short probably fit with Cars 2 more than a more "experimental" thing. This also isn't the first time they've done a non-experimental short. They've done shorts with The Incredibles and Mater.

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    Re: The end of experimental Pixar Shorts?

    Ridiculous. It's the best in-house program to groom & nurture directors, writers, producers, etc.
    Besides they're original rather than experimental projects. Same as at WDAS.
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