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    Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    Alright, the new Transformers Michael Bay film-asco is out. What are your thoughts?

    Oh and... SPOILERS ARE ABOUND so watch your step!
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    Re: Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    This pretty much explains the whole Transformers 3 experience, and it's very entertaining & so true.

    This was my review after seeing it
    OMG, I just got back...

    That's me with my Soundwave shirt on, and that's the mega line(s) behind me for the midnight showings. I of course saw the 9pm showing.

    It was a mind blowing imagery of adrenaline of coaster ride, beyond any E-ticket ride could had imagine! I'm not just saying it cuz I love the Transformers because I hated part 2 but enjoyed the original but this film is in class of it's own. Yes, it has some faults too, Bay never really represents geographic sites well (D.C. doesn't have skyscrapers).

    The solid story with some plot surprises that's glued together with, yes, solid acting. Keeps you entertained, especially with added co-stars like Ken Jeong, John Malkovich, McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) was were added bonus, the latter (Dempsey) as a key role more so then the other new comers.

    The film was beautiful in 3D, and as for the CGI, what CGI? Not since Jurassic Park did I ever think twice I was watching something fake. The stunts for this film were hyper extreme, and like no other I ever seen before (especially the flying men & the falling skyscraper sequence). The action sequences defiantly had me seat at the edge of the seat like I was on 100mph roller coaster ride. Remember all that talk about how the Matrix 2 had a killer car chase sequence, well Bay topped that in the first half hour, and mind blowing ****.

    There were even emotional moments, yes hard to swallow but since this film is much of improvement, the emotional parts do there job for you to care. The film has great human interaction with the robots and the last hour and half is nothing but robot on robot orgy of action that us Transformer fans had been longing for.

    It was like 007 meets Transformers, the crowd loved it but be very warned with those who are taking the kids. Even though it's PG-13, it might as well be rated R. You see humans being blow up like Spielberg's War of the World's but this time, you actually see the flesh, blood and skulls roll down the street (at times in your face). It's more violent then any PG-13 I had ever seen.


    With my excitement over, I am going to see it 2 more times but the 3D is worth the price of admission. Hands down! If you can't see 3D (missing out BIG TIME) or it gives you headaches, then obviously please don't but if you CAN see 3D without any problems. Please do yourself (and the industry) a favor and see this movie in 3D. It's by far the best use of 3D I've seen in a film yet, and there wasn't a cringe-inducing use of 3D to be found. The sense of depth, dimension and scale was beyond amazing, and this is the first live action film since Avatar to really take advantage of 3D instead of just treating it like garbage. It's very clear that every shot was composed with depth and scale in mind and all filmmakers who plan on using 3D need to take note from this film. If you're opposed to 3D, PLEASE give this a shot, because this really shows what 3D can do for a film.

    As mentioned before, the film is pretty dark, you literally see people get blow up like popcorn all over the city streets of Chicago (even kids), and skulls roll down the streets. Which really gave this movie a sense of real terror from the Decepticons. The one really big complaint I had was the erupt ending, it ended like a bookend that just dropped from the sky and there's no Easter egg in the ending credits, so it's really over (maybe) but then I read this...

    Warning SPOILERS

    That's what I loved about it. Optimus said enough was enough. And for me Megatron wanting a truce is so he can comeback and kill more Autobots and men, women, and children. What part of evil doesn't Daniel understand? Optimus was like, that's not going to happen. And he ****ing destroyed that evil ******* and then went over to Sentinel who was once his best friend but who was responsible for the deaths of Ironhide, Q and other Autobots and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of humans and put that ******* down like the evil son of a bitch he was! And I hand it to Nimoy for playing one of the best villains of his career. Spock goes crazy indeed. -jrice73
    Makes sense, right? In the end, it's like what this guy said...
    Unabashedly loved it! Two weeks ago watched Green Lantern which tried to do the same thing (be epic and glorious) and I just didn't give a ****. But Bay for whatever reason made the mayhem, chaos, and exploding robots battling for Earth a ****ing opera. The stakes got raised and the **** went down hard. Loved Sam this time trying to figure out what his role was in this crazy world of robots and robots invading the planet. Look, it ain't Tree of Life which in my mind is one of the most beautiful and profound films I have ever seen but I don't care. I went to Tree of Life to see the numinous and take away from it the spiritual and it didn't let me down. I went to DOTM to see the Autobots grow some balls and bring down Megatron, Sentinel Prime and the rest of the Decepticons with the fate of the world hanging in the balance and I got so much more than that I could have asked for. So sue me! -jrice73
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    Re: Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    Really fun movie. A lot better than the 2nd one and as good as the 1st one

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    Re: Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    I was not impressed. Once again Bay brought us another GI Joe movie guest starring the Transformers. I figured out the trick was to go use the rest room or do something else when the human scenes started. There was so much potential for a good movie and it was wasted on scenes with goofy humans.

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    Re: Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by Melonballer View Post
    I was not impressed. Once again Bay brought us another GI Joe movie guest starring the Transformers. I figured out the trick was to go use the rest room or do something else when the human scenes started. There was so much potential for a good movie and it was wasted on scenes with goofy humans.
    I did something similar. Got to the movie kind of late, so didn't have time to get popcorn, so I didn't want to miss the beginning of the film. I left later during one of those scenes to get my popcorn and coke. I can't say it was the worse Bay film, but I know what to expect when I go to see one.
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    Re: Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    I'll give it 3 stars simply because it's better than the 2nd one and because it had some semblance of a story.

    But it still went on AT LEAST 45 minutes too long, and yeah ... what's up with the Ben Franklin/Hair Transformers. And why did none of the previous movies have spitting/bleeding ones?

    If it was 45 minutes shorter and didn't have the annoying transformers and didn't have the hair ones, it would have likely been a much better movie.

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    Re: Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    I love this film a lot. Plenty of action in it and I like how it tied actual human history into the movie.

    Fun Fact: The highway chase in the film was filmed in the area where my Dads work is in Wilmington (he works at one of the power plants in that area). Plenty of films were filmed there because the roads are usually empty and available for filiming on weekends. While they don't have to prepare much, they are informed ahead of time and are told to not panic from their explosions and such that goes on while filming.

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    Re: Transformers Dark of the Moon: MiceChat Reviews

    I saw this on Saturday In Ontario, and I got to say this was pretty boring. I mean, sure the special effects and battle scenes are amazing, but even the character driven scenes were a bit bland. I also think they need to cut it down by 30 minutes, get rid of the annoying parents, have a much more better human storyline with Sam Witwicky, and get rid of Michael Bay as director, this would have been the best of the movies.


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