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    'Thor 2' July 2013

    Disney and Marvel Studios are moving ahead with a sequel to the hit superhero movie, setting a July 26, 2013 release date for the movie.

    Kenneth Branagh will not return to direct, though he will produce. According to sources, Branagh had an option to direct the sequel and there were talks, but a 'mutual parting of ways' occurred.

    No writers have been hired for the sequel although Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, is slated to reprise his role.

    Thor made $437 million at the worldwide box office.
    'Thor 2' Headed to Theaters in July 2013 - Hollywood Reporter
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    Re: 'Thor 2' July 2013

    So they are already moving ahead with a Thor 2 after Thor only made $437 million in the worldwide box office, but they won't start moving ahead (publicly) with a Pirates of the Caribbean 5 while On Stranger Tides has made $987,111,968 and counting? Can someone explain the logic in this? Looking at Box Office Mojo's top 100 worldwide box office records, Thor doesn't even make the list, yet all 4 Pirates movies are on the list!

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    Heck, Thor isn't even close to the top 100 movies in the US (146).
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