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    'The Great Mouse Detective' 25th Anniversary

    Today marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of The Great Mouse Detective's release ...

    The film, costing $12 million to make, the flick grossed $38.6 million domestically, and marked several firsts for Disney.

    It was the first animated film greenlit by Jeffrey Katzenberg. (Already in production, the crew wondered if Eisney and Katzenberg would shut the feature down. Happily, they didn't.)

    Mouse marked the first extensive use of computer animation in a Disney animated film

    TGMD marked the directorial debuts of Ron Clements and John Musker, who of course went on to helm multiple Disney features afterwards, from Little Mermaid to Aladdin to The Princess and the Frog.

    It was Disney veteran Bernie Mattinson's first producing gig on an animated feature film. (He had previously produced and directed Mickey's Christmas Carol.)

    So. Happy Birthday Great Mouse Detective/ Basil of Baker Street!

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    Re: 'The Great Mouse Detective' 25th Anniversary

    Good movie, if they wanted they could reboot the movie and get the great detective on some new cases

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    Re: 'The Great Mouse Detective' 25th Anniversary

    Love this movie too! Recently picked up the soundtrack by Henry Mancini too. And of course, Vincent Price's voice singing "Goodbye So Soon" is gold. I admit it's been too long since I last watched this; stubbornly holding out for a Blu-ray release. But thanks for opening the thread, ALLARd. I'll at least be playing my CD today.

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