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    More vintage DMC Exclusives DVDs coming

    According to a post on another site, never-on-DVD Disney classics "Charley and the Angel" (Fred MacMurray, Kurt Russell, Harry Morgan) and "Emil and the Detectives" are due to be released as Disney Movie Club Exclusives in late July. Hopefully these will still be manufactured DVDs (not DVD-R like the recent "Amy" "Disney Generations" release, though that is also a promising development).

    In case you missed the news, other recent DMC releases include "Johnny Shiloh" (Brian Keith, Kevin Corcoran), "The Littlest Outlaw," "Westward Ho, the Wagons!" (Fess Parker, Mouseketeers - sadly not widescreen), "The Sword and the Rose," "Menace on the Mountain" (Eric Shea, Jodie Foster), "Almost Angels," and others...

    Last year DMC released no vintage live-action exclusives at all, but they seem to be consistently coming out with titles so far this year, though according to reports, none seem to be remastered any too recently.

    For those who aren't club joiners -- you can usually find these titles sooner or later from Amazon and ebay resellers. Hope they keep it up until we get some more of the MIA Walt titles.
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