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    A Mouse in Sin City

    I just returned from an amazing trip to Las Vegas and had an amazing time! I would often sit by the pool or be eating lunch some where on the strip and would see little kids running around with their parents and it got me thinking if Disney built a hotel in Las Vegas for the family to enjoy together. I highly doubt this would ever happen, but I want to know what restaraunts, pool areas, shows, exhibits (anything you can think of being in a Vegas hotel) you would put into this hotel for the whole family to enjoy.

    I am still working on mine and hopefully I will post ideas soon. Even though this is the City of Sin. There are billions of families looking for family friendly entertainment! Have fun with this, but be realistic!

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    Re: A Mouse in Sin City

    Mickey and Minnie doing meet and greets in the lobby, of course a wedding chaple for those elopers who want a disney wedding, Fantasmic show at night, the list goes on.

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    Re: A Mouse in Sin City

    A villains-themed hotel? After all- it is sin city.

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