Hershey Park announced it's newest addition during a press conference this morning announcing Sky Rush, the parks 12th coaster.

Official Website for Hersheypark

Sky Rush Fact Sheet:

Manufacturer Intamin AG
Ride Supplier IntaRide LLC, USA
Model Mega/hyper coaster with winged seating
Seat Details Cantilever geometry
Four seats per car (two floored, two floorless)
Floorless outer seats are winged
Outer seats offer a 270-degree panoramic view
Structure Steel track
Maximum Height 200 feet
Elements 50-degree ascent
85-degree descent
Four high-speed/high-banked curves
Five airtime hills
Lift Speed 26 feet per second
Maximum Speed 75 mph (+/-)
Track Length Nearly 3,600 feet
Color Scheme Light blue columns
Yellow track
Deep blue trains with yellow accents
Braking System Magnetic braking system

Number of Trains 2
Capacity per Train 32 riders
Approximate Ride Time 63 seconds
Theoretical Ride Capacity 1,350 riders per hour

Projected Cost $25 million (estimated)
The park also has made an on-ride animation available.

Looks like an amazing addition to an already amazing park.