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Everyone is talking about the theatrical premiere of Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott’s YouTube documentary Life In A Day, but Life In A Day isn’t the only documentary made up of footage shot in a single day all around the globe. One Day On Earth is a similar project—a documentary time capsule sharing perspectives from people in every country in the world on 10/10/10.

A year ago, I had the opportunity to ask One Day On Earth founder and director Kyle Ruddick a little bit about the project. Back then he told me that he started working on the One Day On Earth concept back in 2008 and that, while the concept of Life In A Day is similar, he expected the end product would be much different. He told me, “Much of [YouTube’s] project emulates our marketing and creative in place since 2008, but our execution is based in a grass roots community and the end result will be different.”

Back in January, One Day On Earth launched a historical video map of all of the footage shot for the project around the world on 10/10/10 and this month they have launched the official motion picture trailer on the One Day On Earth website. Check it out below.

One Day On Earth has also launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for some final post production on the film, as well as to get a head start on the next film in the series—a documentary made up of video from around the world shot on 11/11/11. They have already raised $22,036 on their way to their $25,000 goal.

Brandon Litman, Co-founder and Executive Producer of One Day On Earth told me via email, “The UN signed up to film the world in a day again on 11/11/11—we are happy that this will become a public archive for daily life every year.” You can check out the Kickstarter campaign below, featuring Kyle Ruddick.

One Day on Earth - filmed in every nation in one day by One Day on Earth - Kickstarter

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