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    Disney Inspired Music

    Hey folks, over the last two weeks I purchased two CDs created by people outside of Disney who were inspired by famous Disney songs and I adore them already soooooooooo much that I am looking for more to consume.

    First one is called "O'Mickey Where Art Thou?" and as the title suggests this is a take off on the wildly popular music of "O Brother Where Art Thou?" This bluegrass medly is stunning and really got me through the rough weekend and for anyone who is a Disney fan and has even a slight interest in bluegrass its a must have.

    Second was "Manheim Steamrollar Meets the Mouse" and again like the title suggests, this album is an amazing tribute by the new age group Manheim Steamrollar to classic and more modern Disney classics.

    Both CDs are incredible and offer a different sound to our favorite Disney songs but I want more. I am in the process of tracking down a CD by Dave Brubeck titled "Dave Digs Disney" but if you have others or know of others let me know.

    Oh and I found a really awesome cover of Grim Grinning Ghosts by Barenaked Ladies, have other bands covered songs from the park or Disney films? If so what albums?

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    Re: Disney Inspired Music

    If you want the REALLY good CDs, except for the non-Disney produced Heigh-Ho Mozart, Bibidi-Bobidi-Bach, Ragtime in the Magical Kingdoms, and Stay Awake, you need to go to Japan for the REALLY good Disney-produced albums.... the ones you mentioned were all Disney-produced albums. In Japan, you get Dive into Disney (lots of good punk/ska/rock), DJ Digs Mainstreet Electrical Parade, several Eurobeat Disney albums... actually, just about any of the Disney-produced dance/trance/techno/etc. albums in Japan are a million times better than the stuff they've done here.

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