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    The Wonderful World of Disney

    So, I was wondering if ABC still runs The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. I remember they used to, and it used to include new movies every now and then such as Annie, Geppetto, and the live action Cinderella. Do they still do this, and do they still run new movies as part of it?

    The most recent I could find proof of is 2008 with this intro:

    I actually preferred the older version of it with the castle housing many characters:

    Maybe they could update this old version to be the castle that appears before all Disney movies and update some of the old franchises and replace them with newer ones (like get rid of 101 puppies and add in Jack Sparrow...
    Trips coming up:

    May 22-26th
    July 13th-18th
    November 19th-25th

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    Re: The Wonderful World of Disney

    They used to have the Disney Sunday night movie on CBC here in Canada. Don't know if they still do. It was my favourite part of the weekend (next to Saturday morning cartoons) when I was a kid. They aired a lot of made-for-TV movies that never got a home video release (or DVD release) like The B.R.A.T. Patrol - which I always thought was a follow-up to The Goonies because it had Sean Astin in it.

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