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Thread: The Rum Diary

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    Cool The Rum Diary

    I love the collaboration between the late great Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp.
    Certainly not everyone's cup of tea ... or strong drink for that matter.

    But fun to see what the two could get up to.

    Here is the trailer for the film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's first published novel The Rum Diary.

    And on a side note. If you ever wonder were Johnny Depp first got his strange moves for Captain Jack Sparrow watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. When I watched the first Pirates film I immediately thought he's doing Raoul Duke.

    The film will be released October 28th.

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    Re: The Rum Diary

    I've been awaiting this one ever since it was announced. And I'm due for another viewing for Fear and Loathing.

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    Re: The Rum Diary

    Not really a fan of HST but this movie looks good. The trailer made me giggle a few times. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.

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