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Thread: Beetlejuice II

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    Re: Beetlejuice II

    Not to mention Alec Baldwin looks WAY different than he did 23 years ago.

    I love Beetlejuice as a character, but it's completely unnecessary to have a sequel. Consider the fact that The Ghost With The Most is only in the film for fifteen minutes. Fifteen! This fully supports the idea that less is more. And a sequel means more, which would mean ruining a great thing.

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    Re: Beetlejuice II

    Quote Originally Posted by Meville View Post
    I just don't see a point. Was the first one that good??

    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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    Re: Beetlejuice II

    I really can't imagine Tim Burton signing on to do it, but that is the only way I'd watch it. It's just doesn't right watching it through anyone else's mind for me. The first is one of my favorite movies. And it really is pure creative imagination, one of Tim's greatest movie achievements. I'd hate to see what someone else would do to the story, the characters, the look of the the entire thing. They'd either completely change it and I'd hate it, or they'd copy Tim too much and I'd just think they were being fake and copy cats, and I'd hate it... so there is no winning with me unless Tim is a part of it, it's HIS.

    But it would be a weird storyline, a lot of time would have had to go by if they used a lot of the same characters and if they didn't well then it really wouldn't be beetlejuice then. And i don't think my fragile heart could handle everyone being replaced.... now I'm just rambling to myself... I think about all this stuff a lot. Since I love Beetlejuice SO SO much, I'm worried about it be destroyed, but at the same time... IF they could NOT screw it up, and actually find Tim's old self, and his amazing imagination from back in the day, and tap into that creativity....maybe magic could happen... who knows...

    That is if TIM even were to sign ON... ugh...

    Ok....I'm done talking. Sorry.

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    Re: Beetlejuice II

    I had Beetlejuice in a dream the other night. Then I kept thinking of this thread and what I said in it.

    I would so much love for them to make another Beetlejuice. I've been wanting them to make one for a very longtime.

    I would like Keaton to play it again, of course. It would interesting how he would still look. I'm sure alright, just older. Though I still can't see him moving around and jumping all over like he did in the 80's. He's a very older man now. If you see him in like nower day movies that he is in (like that Herbie movie). I can see it being very hard now.

    I would hope that they write a really good new movie. I hope they throw away that Hawaiian idea. That just sounded a bit lousy.

    The grown-up Lydia idea, I liked. From listening to some of the people.

    Just a random question. Do you think they would include Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in it?

    Johnny Depp could be that prince that they had in the cartoon (just saying)

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