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    Question Disney Store in Vegas

    Can anyone tell me if there are any Disney Stores near the Las Vegas strip and if so, is it a good one?? We visit next week so will pop there for some vinylmation shopping if its a decent sized store, but don't really want to travel to it if its a small store with very limited stock range


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    Re: Disney Store in Vegas

    The only show two on their web site and they aren't near the strip. The strip is down by McCarran Intl Airport (south) on Las Vegas Blvd. and the ones they show are north of there. They aren't too far by taxi, but I don't know what size they are and one is listed as an outlet or if it would be worth the time and money.
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    Re: Disney Store in Vegas

    That's sad about the lack of Disney Stores in LV. They used to have a large store, with very unique store front in Ceasers Palace. And at the Fashion Show mall, there used to be BOTH a Disney Store AND one of the very few Disney Gallery Stores.

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    Re: Disney Store in Vegas

    But wait! There's a DISNEY OUTLET that not only has Disney store product BUT Disneyland product. It's at the premium outlet? I think? It's near the end of old vegas around some weird buldings

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    Re: Disney Store in Vegas

    I love Disney, but this store isn't really worth it unless you fit into children's sizes.
    Most of the stuff here is costume. You know, like the Cinderella dresses that little girls run around in at Disneyland. They also have Barbies and little toys.
    This also only good if your favorite character is in a new release or is super popular, like Mickey or Bolt. I am a tried-and-true Alice fan, and the only thing they had last time I went was a Cheshire Cat mug (I already have a Wonderland mug).
    It's fun to look around, but they actually have better Disney stuff at Hot Topic that doesn't really look goth. You should see there Little Mermaid shirts. And yes, they have Alice there.
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