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    new Disney Studios President

    Dec. 15, 2005

    Bergman upped to Disney Studios president

    Alan Bergman has been promoted to president, the Walt Disney Studios, where he will report to chairman Dick Cook, who announced the promotion Wednesday. Bergman had been serving as executive vp and chief financial officer of the studio. In his new role, he will oversee strategy and operations for all business units including Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, Buena Vista International, Miramax, Buena Vista Home Entertainment worldwide, Disney Theatrical Productions, the Buena Vista Music Group, Buena Vista Television and Buena Vista Television International. The divisions reporting directly into Bergman include Finance, Technology, Business and Legal Affairs and Human Resources. "Alan is the quintessential strategist whether he's exploring new business ventures or overseeing our operational initiatives, his expertise in these areas has been invaluable," Cook said. (Gregg Kilday)
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    Re: new Disney Studios President

    Great... another bean counter...

    You would think Dick Cook would have learned after last year... Losing 300 mill wasn't a fluke, and you can't blame it all on Miramax.
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    Angry Re: new Disney Studios President

    Is it my imagination... or are the executive ranks of WDC starting to swell? I mean, REALLY swell up. Like a bloated beached whale on a hot and humid summer's day? Seems like there's yet another executive promotion every time you turn around!

    What's that sucking sound, you say? Hmm... seems to be coming from Anaheim and Orlando, near the cast members. Some kind of tear in the space/time continuum, is creating a gigantic vacuum! =8^0

    Now... how do we create one of those things over Burbank?

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    Re: new Disney Studios President

    Thanks for info

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