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    JMH: Disney's next step will be SBE

    Site based entertainment, huh. Apparantly that is Disney's way forward in the theme park business, starting with Singapore. Well that's what the latest update on JimHillMedia says.

    He says that Disney will be building something along the lines of DisneyQuest but less technology-focused, themed more along the lines of a traditional Disney theme park but in the same space as DisneyQuest - well can I just say that the biggest reason I despise DisneyQuest is for how claustrophobic it is. All the 'rides' are clogged up together, and it is hell when only half full.

    What does everyone think about Disney moving away from mini-Magic Kingdoms to MagicKingdomQuests?

    (sorry about putting this in the non-Disney park offerings forum, but I couldn't find a better place to put this thread)

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    Re: JMH: Disney's next step will be SBE

    I've always thought that Disney should think a little more creatively when internationalizing its business, instead of just putting a Xerox copy of Sleeping Beauty Castle on every street corner around the world.

    Developing concepts that don't compete with The Magic Kingdoms is most certainly the answer, and, those concepts should be smaller in scope, as well.

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    Re: JMH: Disney's next step will be SBE

    Quote Originally Posted by Speedway
    What does everyone think about Disney moving away from mini-Magic Kingdoms to MagicKingdomQuests?
    For some reason, I have this vision of a gigantic cube-shaped building, occupying an entire city block, looking like an Apple Store on steroids, but with the Disney script "D" on its sides, instead of the white translucent apple.

    Inside the building are mostly film-based attractions and those with small footprints, from the various Disney theme parks: Muppet Vision 3-D, Turtle Talk with Crush, Tough/Bug, PhilharMagic, Star Tours (2 sims), Soarin' (one theatre), maybe Mission: Space (1 centrifuge), and one "traditional" spinner in the center of the ground floor, probably Magic Carpets.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of "Theme Park in a Box."

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    Re: JMH: Disney's next step will be SBE

    I am not completely surprised by this kind of move...

    Disney needs a indoor style immersive experiance that can be "mass produced" in smaller remoter locations, thus reaching a larger consumer base...

    Great Wolf Resorts are beginning to do this to some success with indoor water parks... It is the next step...
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