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    Keira Knightley to star in SILK

    Keira Knightley to Star in Silk
    December 20, 2005 has confirmed with Keira Knightley's agent that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Pride & Prejudice star will play Helene in a movie adaptation of Alessandro Baricco's bestselling novel Silk:

    It is the story of a married silkworm smuggler, Herve Joncour, in 19th Century France who travels to Japan to collect his clandestine cargo. While there he spots a beautiful European woman, the concubine of a local baron, with whom he becomes obsessed. Without speaking the same language, they communicate through letters until war intervenes. Their unrequited love persists however, and Herve's wife Helene begins to suspect.

    The movie will be directed by Francois Girard (The Red Violin) who has adapted the screenplay after a first draft by Baricco himself. Filming is set to start in the Spring of 2006 when Keira will be all but finished recording the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Michael Pitt (The Last Days) is a possible for the role of Joncour.

    Knightley will next be seen on-screen in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which hits July 7.
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    Re: Keira Knightley to star in SILK

    I love this woman and I don't care what she does. ::swoon::
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    Re: Keira Knightley to star in SILK

    ugh, am I the only one who is sick of her being in every freakin movie that comes out....with the exception of the pirates movies, I wont go anymore, I cant stand her...

    I just think she has been over exposed far to fast, how many movies has she been in in the last few years???? ugh...

    Just my opinion (and yes I know I'm in the minority...)

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