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    Question Alias' bad guys in a spin-off..?

    Hello there!

    I can read here and there on european chatroom that there will be a spin-off with Julian Sark (David Anders) and some other of the bad guys from "Alias".
    Do you got any information about that? Is that true or not?

    Pleeeeease, tell me!!! We don't wanna get excited about something that may never come!

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    Re: Alias' bad guys in a spin-off..?

    Hi, and Welcome!
    Saw that one too*, they'll probably wade through the viability of a spin-off w/ J.J. Abrams and company after the new year, he'll be finishing up M:I3 and getting LOST and ALIAS back up. With everything combined he'll be in a truly enviable place to either proceed with the concept or focus on other projects. The word is locally that Paramount wants him bad and would love to see him leave the Disney lot for theirs...we'll see!

    Can Alias Live on After This Season?

    Source: TV Guide
    December 22, 2005

    TV Guides reports that, despite ABC's announcement this fifth season would be the last for J.J. Abrams' ALIAS, the show may survive in another form.

    The Producers are mulling ways to continue the franchise. "I would say we haven't seen the end of all things 'Alias'," executive producer Jeff Pinkner teases. "There are versions of this show which could exist after this season. There are plenty of stories we'd love to tell."

    Among the formats Pinkner and Abrams have discussed is a spin-off series revolving around villains Sark (David Anders), Peyton (Amy Acker) and Sloane (Ron Rifkin). "It's the triumvirate of evil!" Pinkner says. (No official discussions with ABC have taken place yet.) Producers have also toyed with the idea of a big-screen adaptation starring Garner.

    When the series returns this spring, expect to see familiar faces. Greg Grunberg has already filmed an episode as Eric Weiss, and producers have worked up a wish list that includes Syd's buddy Will (Bradley Cooper), perhaps more appearances by spy mommy Irina (Lena Olin, who put in a surprise cameo in the Dec. 14 episode), and the evil Francinator (Merrin Dungey).
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    Re: Alias' bad guys in a spin-off..?

    I know it is probably wishful thinking, but, I'd love to see Alias (whole ensemble) not just the villians, picked up by another network.
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