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    The LA Times has good news.. "Ruling Favors Anaheim",2803942.story

    The Anaheim Angels might yet take the field this season. The California Court of Appeal on Tuesday ordered the team to show why its name change should not be blocked, raising the possibility that the Los Angeles name could be stripped from the Angels on the verge of the season opener.

    Such a decision, just as national media outlets have started referring to the Los Angeles Angels, could spark another wave of ridicule about the team's identity, force the team to abandon its chosen name and wreck its business strategy, at least for the 2004 season.

    "I'm pleased the court has acted with incredible speed," Anaheim co-counsel Andy Guilford said. "I'm hopeful we'll get a ruling from the Court of Appeal before opening day hopefully before the Freeway Series so we don't see Los Angeles vs. Los Angeles in Anaheim's stadium."
    My favorite name, for the San Diego Union-Tribune... "Brea Angels of Orange"!
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    Keep in mind the Angels were the LA Angels originally. Anaheim is a city that has taxed the daylights out of you (admission and bed taxes) on the success of DL. I say Go LA Angels!!!!! Anaheim buys them nothing. I grew up going to Anaheim Stadium and love the Angels, but they need $$$ to buy players and compete. Help them do that.
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    The ANAHEIM Angels they've been, and that's the way they should stay.

    LA has the Dodgers, they don't need another team. Moreno has the money and the Angels have a good team already - hell, look at last year. They had a great season, and a record attendance. Changing the name does nothing but alienate thousands of loyal Anaheim fans.

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