Article from Reuters - January 13, 2006
Sarandon playing wicked queen in Disney fairy tale

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon will star as a wicked queen intent on destroying true love in "Enchanted," a Walt Disney Pictures fairy tale that will blend animation and live action.

Sarandon has signed on to play Queen Narissa opposite a star-crossed princess (Amy Adams of "Junebug") and prince (James Marsden).

The story centers on a princess-in-waiting who is banished from a classical animation world by a vainglorious queen and dumped into a modern-day, live-action Manhattan.

Sarandon's role calls for her to demonstrate versatility in various media forms. Her transformations for traditional toon sequences are being created by Disney animator James Baxter, best known for his supervision of the character Belle in 1991's "Beauty and the Beast." Sarandon's likeness also is being re-envisioned by Oscar-winning makeup effects artist Rick Baker. The actress recently attended prosthetic modeling sessions at Baker's Cinovation Studios.

"Enchanted" begins production in April, with Sarandon expected to begin working in May. Kevin Lima directs.