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    Trust No One: Chris Carter sues Fox

    'X Files' creator sues Fox over payment

    LOS ANGELES (AP) X Files creator Chris Carter has sued 20th Century Fox television for breach of contract of his hit show, the Hollywood Reporter reported Tuesday.Carter filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in December, the trade paper said. The lawsuit claims that 20th Century Fox reneged on previous agreements, refusing to pay Carter an original profit deal or later cable advance.
    Carter brought the case through his production company, Ten Thirteen, seeking unspecified damages.
    Telephone messages left Tuesday at his lawyer's Los Angeles office and at 20th Century Fox television were not immediately returned.
    Carter said that in 1998 he made an agreement with 20th Century Fox affiliate Fox Broadcasting Co. to give him a "profit guarantee" for a sixth and seventh season of X Files.
    Negotiations for a ninth season led to Carter urging 20th Century Fox to cancel the show's domestic cable deal for repeat rights with the FX network.
    But Carter's suit claims the agreement with FX was handed over to networks USA and TNT, vs. being canceled.
    The suit also alleges Carter negotiated for a cable advance equal to 25% of the gross license fee paid to 20th Century Fox in excess of $300,000 per episode of the show.
    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carter said in 2001 that 20th Century Fox asked him to reduce the cable advance because it would result in a benefit too large for him.
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    Re: Trust No One: Chris Carter sues Fox

    Arrgh... I really wish they could just get all this lawsuit business over with (seriously... how many lawsuits over The X-Files have there been now?) and give us another movie!
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