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    where to send this letter

    can you guys help me with this... i wrote a letter to the disney company about the current issues happening but i dont know where to send it so it will get read
    please help
    To the Walt Disney company

    I know that with all the changes going on in the company you probably wont think twice about reading this letter but I thought I should try. My name is Jay Zabel I am 16 years old and have been a Disney fan since I was three when my parents brought me to Walt Disney world for the first time. Since then it has become like an annual pilgrimage and the highlight of every year for me. Although I am only 16 years old the reason I wrote this letter means a lot to me and since I am a company stockholder I was hoping that this would be read. I am very concerned about the direction the company is going. Though I do like the new improvements made in the theme parks I am really quite concerned of how the rest of the company is doing. I don’t understand some of the major decisions the company is making. Like deciding to demolish the animation studio in Florida and Tokyo Japan. Those are important buildings and have been used so much. Demolishing them would not do anything to help the company. When you think about how many movies, talented voice actors, and animators have called those studios home so long you just cant destroy them. My next and probably biggest concern is about the rumor of the Disney company as of the release of Home On the Range there will be no more 2-d animated movies coming from Walt Disney pictures and will be completely converting to 3-d animation. Why? I know that most animation studios believe that 3-d is the future but please stick to the company’s roots also. While I am still on the topic of computer animation I would like to touch upon the news of the Pixar studio and the Disney studio no longer being partners. I know that Disney and Pixar have differences to work out and that Pixar wants to try being an independent studio but the two studios are great together and if the Disney Company was able to get a long with such studios as Warner brothers and Steven Spielberg to make a movie like Who Framed Roger Rabbit then the Disney and Pixar studios can get along with each other to make more great movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc. My final thought about the company’s new strategies is about Michael Eisner resigning from his job as head of the Walt Disney Company. I wish you wouldn’t. You have been the head of the company for over a decade and led the company through such successful movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. I think that the company is at its worst point since the studio strike in the 1930s but Walt got his studio through that and now when the company is about to change its ways I know you can help convince the company to stick to what they have and then add on to it instead of making all new things in place of the old things that made the company famous and that the company can do it without quitting, demolishing, erasing, destroying, changing, or firing anything or anyone. I know I am only sixteen but everyone has something they follow and believe in and that thing never changes. I read Walt Disney’s biography when I was eight and by now I probably know enough about the company that I can have a job at one of the theme parks. I am not mad at the company and I think that there is always room for new and improved things. But keep the old things too. If you don’t believe that I am not the only person who thinks this there is a entire sight online that is trying they’re hardest to convince the company to stop doing these things and just listen to them. So what if the past four Disney animated features weren’t too good that if you convert to 3-d animation it wont make them any better but I thought those movies were great so just stick to what you are doing.
    Jay Zabel
    I hope we never loose sight of one thing… that it was all started by a mouse

    please help me out with this

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    There are numerous places you can send it... But if I where you I would send it to You can find links there to send it to who you think would best be served by it...
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