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    Disney AND Pixar Animators working together

    Unless the Disney board votes not to acquire Pixar I am assuming it will happen and we now have an interesting future of how the two will interact.

    Will they become seperate entities? or will we see a mix of talents?

    I remember a very well made movie called "The iron Giant" it was I was told by another MC member it was directed by Brad Bird recently the director of The Incredibles.

    I hope the film get the royal Disney treatment and returns as the original begged for a sequel.

    What if the mistakes of Eisner can be corrected by the addition of Pixar or will the creative crew at Pixar now face a "Disneyation" upon future projects? I shudder at the thought of a Cars movie that has the defects of recent Disney movies.
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    Re: Disney AND Pixar Animators working together

    1. "Cars" movie is probabaly as done as it can be, in terms of storylines.
    2. Here is Brad Bird's filmographies as writer, director, actor (voice of edna mode), and producer. Note he was also Simpsons director and executive consultant. I only provide the link since you are somewhat incredulous to the fact.
    Hey, I just learned something, too, about Brad Bird: he wrote the Amazing Stories episode, "The Family Dog," which is probably one of the most hilarious animated episode ever seen on TV up until that time.
    3. I don't know if The Iron Giant could be made as a sequel by Disney. It didn't distribute it, which means someone else probably has the some rights to it. And, really, it doesn't need a sequel. It was good enough on its own, and where could a sequel possibly go?
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