James B. Stewart spent three and a half years sifting through internal Disney memos, sitting in on staff meetings and scrutinizing top brass for his Mouse House tell-all "Disney War."

During the fact-finding, he dug up juicy tidbits on topics such as CEO Michael Eisner's lack of confidence in protégé Bob Iger, who was just named as Eisner's successor.

Given the extent of Stewart's probe, the Post asked him for his take on how Iger's leadership style differs from predecessor Eisner as well as what challenges lie ahead.

Iger's management style:

"He's a very different sort of personality from Eisner," Stewart said of Iger, 54, who's currently Disney's president and chief operating officer.

"If he wasn't, he wouldn't have survived as the last of a long list of people who have been felled by Eisner. Iger's much more of a diplomat and a conciliator. I've been impressed by his comments indicating that he'll try to restore the old Cap Cities/ABC management style and decentralize decision making. That's the direct opposite of Eisner."