I know that technically this isn't a news story, but its a good read. It shows just how things are going over at Circle 7 and probably the whole of WDI right now and over the past week.


Gennady (gennadyb) wrote,
@ 2006-01-26 17:38:00

got my first paycheck
Well I feel increasingly like ****. The whole situation is nerve-wracking. It seems that half of the people didnít bother to show up to work today. Canít blame them. There really isnít any work to do without a project although luckily were still on payroll. Itd be bad for the companies rep if they lay people off unsympathetically, so I imagine it'll take a while to do so. There were supposedly meetings today meant to shed some light on the situation between the pixar guys and upper management from circle seven. It doesnít seem like anything has been resolved. So basically weíve got a really nice expensive studio which is practically a ghost town at this point as the 150+ people therein wonder about their future. Its really the uncertainty thatís worst. If i knew I was going to get laid off I'd be making phone calls and hopefully setting up interviews. With the mention of the possibility of absorbing some of the talent into the other departments I feel that I canít risk doing that right now. Part of the rest of my stress is a natural result of adapting to the sort of atmosphere in a studio such as this. There is a lot of interacting with people, introducing yourself, etc. I didnít exactly grow up being extroverted so Itís a bit of a stretch for me to be as social as others and not seem nervous or anti-social. Itís also interesting to be in a place where 95% of the people are married and have or are expecting kids.