Article from iPod Garage - January 31, 2006
The wide scope of Disney-Pixar-Apple

Disney buys Pixar and Steve Jobs ends up as the largest single shareholder of Disney stock. The consequences of this action will be very interesting to watch.

Some things I think likely to happen are these:

Disney will start producing great films again. Pixar has some real talent on creating characters we care about and stories that are worth watching over and over again. Disney has done that but of late seems to have lost the edge and made a lot of direct-to-video sequels that seem only to exist to try to make money and not actually entertain.

Apple gets a major Fortune 100 corporate account. Steve will be pulling out a MacBook Pro for the board meetings and using Keynote for presentations. I would not be surprised if the other board members will be wanting a computer upgrade fairly soon. Then it will trickle down to the rest of the organization.

Bob Iger might be polishing his resume as he may have just acquired himself out of a job. Steve will probably end up as CEO of Disney fairly soon.

The vaults of Disney and ABC are stocked with a huge collection of classic movies and television shows and even radio shows. It will take some time before iTMS gets to everything but there are a lot of people pining for the "good old days." The is a lot of money in the Long Tail and this is a great way to get a lot of that available.