Revenge of the Weinsteins

Now that they’re free of Disney, with a $1 billion war chest, you’d think Harvey and Bob Weinstein would be happy. Beneath a smiley veneer, they’re still the angry, paranoid, gifted filmmakers they’ve always been. What do they want? Sweet vengeance, followed by a staggeringly profitable IPO.

(Photo: Platon)

The fashionably revisionist biography of Chairman Mao, the one billed as Mao’s “unknown story,” was sitting on Harvey Weinstein’s oddly uncluttered desk. Weinstein had been reading it, puzzling over it, perhaps with an eye toward adapting it as a movie for the new Weinstein Company, where he and his brother Bob were now co-chairmen. But he wasn’t seeing it yet.

“I don’t believe Mao was totally the monster they’re making him out to be,” he was saying. “There must have been some charm or else who would follow this guy?”