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Oliver Stone's 9/11 movie will hit theaters in late summer or early fall.

The poster art for World Trade Center arrives in theaters this weekend.

Paramount's 'Trade Center' poster sets the film's mood
The poster art for Paramount Pictures' 9/11 drama World Trade Center arrives in theaters this weekend, and the studio hopes the image reflects that filmmakers are trying to approach America's greatest modern tragedy with respect.
"This impacted every living human being who witnessed it. It's daunting, and you can't approach this like just another film," says Paramount marketing chief Gerry Rich.
The studio decided to emphasize mood, while the stars' and director's names are downplayed. There's an abstract reminder of the twin towers instead of an actual photograph of the buildings intact, or in ruins. The red, white and blue colors imply it's an American story — not a tale of terrorists or politics.
The film, directed by Oliver Stone and starring Nicolas Cage and Michael Peña, is based on the true story of Port Authority police officers John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, who became trapped while trying to evacuate people from the towers.
World Trade Center completes shooting today and is set for release in late summer or early fall.
Anthony Breznican