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    Exclamation BPF's Review of Curious George

    On Friday I went to see the one and only monkey movie, Curious George. I have learned a lot about this movie throughout the past year so I was even more excited than the average viewer. (I was able to see the film as it was in production at Project Firefly in Orlando. I got to see one of the same scenes that I saw as it was being sketched and then up on the large screen.) After seeing all of the previews, I knew that George looked extra cute and that the voice talent was quite strong. Throughout the film I found myself laughing right along with the young children in the audience. While I have to admit there weren't a lot of kids there since I did attend the last showing of the night, but we all giggled together.

    It was nice to see a 2D film on the big screen again. The colors were so vibrant and George was simply adorable. The movie progresses as Ted (The Man in the Yellow Hat/Will Ferrell) goes to Africa to bring back The Lost Temple to safe the financially unstable Bloomsberry Museum. In his journey he meets George (Frank Welkner) who changes his life in many ways. The owner of the museum, Mr. Bloomsberry (Dick Van Dyke) is quite sad that he might lose his museum while his son Junior (David Cross), who is jealous of the time Ted gets with his father, wants to sell the museum and build a parking lot. A local teacher (Drew Barrymore) visits the museum with her students weekly because of her crush on Ted. Clovis (Eugene Levy), a friend to the museum family adds a lot of spunk to the storyline.

    The soundtrack, by Jack Johnson fit the overall childish theme that the movie held. At first I was a bit curious as to how the soundtrack would work since practically each song was by the same artist but it works!

    Overall it was a cute, enjoyable and very sweet film. Great job Project Firefly and the entire crew!

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    Re: BPF's Review of Curious George

    Awww...I want to see it now. Come here and see it with me?
    It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip for Today!

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    Re: BPF's Review of Curious George

    it's that good? Maybe i might venture and sopend money to watch it... that or wait for HBO...

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