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    New Gay Cowboy Anthem

    Willie Nelson has released a gay cowboy single available on itunes:

    I know the article says the song was actually written back in the 80's, but the timing of the release seems like jumping on the new bandwagon to make some quick cash. I'm curious to hear the song though... I wonder how the hardcore country comunity will react (if at all)?

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    Re: New Gay Cowboy Anthem

    I listened to a section of it on iTunes this morning. It sounds like all of his other songs.

    Nelson's 'He Was A Friend of Mine' which is on the 'Brokeback' CD is pretty gay, too. Love it.

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    Re: New Gay Cowboy Anthem

    Meh, merely capitalizing on the Brokeback Moutain "phenomenon". I suspect Paris Hilton will do something related to the movie too...

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    Re: New Gay Cowboy Anthem

    I remember when the gay band Pansy Division did this song like 10 years ago Pretty cool that Willie Nelson is doing it.

    And of course it is capitalizing on the Brokeback thing, nothing wrong with that. I think it is actually going to be on the DVD. I think Nelson recorded it this year.... and has been pretty darn gay friendly especially since his manager came out of the closet.
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