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    Harry Potter News - Day and Night.

    First this piece of news (This is the Day)

    JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been nominated for Best Book of the Year at this year's British Book Awards, reports CBBC Newsround. The winners will be announced on March 29 in London. To vote for HBP, click here!

    Then comes this Night:

    School district bans 'Half-Blood Prince'

    A California school district banned Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from their libraries yesterday, and their reasoning ranks as one of the more creative (and misguided) we've heard: the Harry Potter books are fantasy, and "we want books to be things that children would be able to relate to in real life," teacher Marlene Olivarez.

    Olivarez also said that she did not feel the Harry Potter books "build character, give kids enjoyment, and encourage reading."

    What Planet does this character teach at anyway?

    This has got to be the stupeset thing I have ever heard of for an excuse to ban a book. Don't you just love it? What a bunch of pruds and misguided itdiots must run this school district.
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    Re: Harry Potter News - Day and Night.

    Yeah, ya know, 'cause imagintion and creativity and all that are just way overrated. Kids don't need to be all riled up and excited and stuff. We need to keep 'em grounded in reality and getting ready to join the work force and pay taxes. Wizards and adventures and magic... Phooey.

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    Re: Harry Potter News - Day and Night.

    Following this logic, they must also ban the following works of fantasy (which reference subjects not found in reality that can confuse students):

    • Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
    • The collective works of C.S. Lewis
    • The collective works of William Shakespeare
    • The collective works of Edgar Allen Poe
    • The collective works of Robert Louis Stevenson

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    Re: Harry Potter News - Day and Night.

    Charlotte's Web shouldn't be allowed either, I mean, talking animals? that's not reality... heck, just about any children's book would be banned because of this. poor Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat, Horton Hear's a Who, The Lorax, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Of course the Series of Unfortunate Events books have to go as well.

    I fear for our future if we eliminate all the creativity and imagination that our kids have.

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    Re: Harry Potter News - Day and Night.

    Thanks for info lost boy

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