Disney May Make Fewer Live-Action Films
Backstage.com 2/28/06

Disney May Make Fewer Live-Action Films

The Walt Disney Co. will focus its capital and energies on its three primary brands, even if that means fewer live-action films, CEO Robert Iger said.

Speaking on Monday at the 19th annual Bear Stearns Media Conference in Palm Beach, Fla., Iger said that the company will invest in the Disney, ESPN and ABC brands, adding that on the film side "our goal is quality not quantity."

Iger said that Disney-branded movies are more profitable than the company's films that don't carry that brand. He also said that making movies simply to amortize the cost of operating a studio is the wrong strategy, suggesting that that is what competing studios are doing.

Iger said that purchasing Pixar -- which made Jobs, who also is Pixar's CEO, Disney's largest shareholder -- was necessary given polling data he had seen suggesting that mothers of young children were focusing more on Pixar's brand than Disney's when choosing films.
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