March 10, 2006
The Hollywood Reporter

Boxoffice preview: 'Shaggy' remake best in show

Theater marquees will be touting three new wide releases this weekend, but moviegoers might feel a tinge of deja vu as two are remakes from decades ago. Each of the new films carries a different MPAA rating and genre, appealing to distinct audience segments.
The film most observers agree will land in first place is the one with the oldest pedigree -- pun intended. Walt Disney Pictures tapped into its venerable boxoffice vault of past hits and produced a remake of "The Shaggy Dog" which originally debuted in 1959 with Fred MacMurray and Annette Funicello in the cast. This time, Tim Allen takes a walk on the furry side with Brian Robbins in the director's chair for the PG-rated comedy that Buena Vista will release in 3,501 theaters. (Brian Fuson)