Iger, Pixar Cheered At Disney Shareholder Meeting
Forbes - 3/10/06

Iger, Pixar Cheered At Disney Shareholder Meeting

New York -
What a difference a year makes. Or two.

The Walt Disney Co. held its annual shareholders' meeting Friday--and if you'd been away for a while, you might not have recognized it.

Chief Executive Robert Iger held court for the first time since winning that title and the throng couldn't have been happier. After applause, the new CEO described the media and entertainment giant's strategies for movies, TV and its iconic theme parks.

Then came Pixar. After a partnership that slid from bittersweet to acrid, it seemed Disney and the brilliant animation studio led by billionaire Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs would go their separate ways. But that was when Michael Eisner ran the Mouse House.

Now it's Iger's show. He liked Pixar so much he bought it, for some $7.4 billion--and not in some acrimonious assault, a la Larry Ellison's motif for expanding Oracle. Pixar execs were as pleased as Disney investors when Iger brought up the subject today. The crowd roared when Pixar's Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter appeared. The Associated Press quoted him as beaming, "I am so proud to be part of this company...again."
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