Anyone here like them or even heard of them? They had a big hit on the radio in 2002, "Get Over It". They've been getting alot of attention lately for their little dance routine they do to one of their songs ("A Million Waus") as their "encore" at the live show (they've also performed it on Mad TV, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, etc.).

Anyhow, I saw them last night and they were awesome. Totally flawless performance! I saw them last year too and they just blew me away. Also a great bunch of guys. I met the whole band (except the guitarist who was nowhere to be seen) after the show and they were so friendly and approachable (more like a local band than a national act with 2 major releases under their belt). They were handing out little notebooks asking people to sign up for their email list. I got pics with the drummer and singer.

I want to see them again!