Disney's Disappointing Dog
Motley Fool 2/13/06

Disney's Disappointing Dog

As the last quarterly report indicated, Disney has been doing well in its consumer product, theme park, and broadcast/cable segments, while its studio division needs some momentum. The latest attempt to provide some studio spark is a remake of a classic comedy, The Shaggy Dog, in which Tim Allen portrays the titular canine. Does Disney have a spring hit on its corporate hands? Let's see what the numbers might tell us.

According to Boxofficemojo.com, The Shaggy Dog is estimated to have taken in approximately $16 million at domestic theaters this past weekend, coming in at No. 2 behind Viacom's Failure to Launch. News Corp.'s youth-targeted horror flick The Hills Have Eyes, also a remake, currently stands at No. 3 for the weekend at $15.5 million. (These numbers and rankings reflect only estimates and could change once the final numbers are divulged later today.)

It's certainly not an abject miss, but I can't quite call The Shaggy Dog a bona fide hit. It could go on to become a sleeper, but I was nevertheless looking for a bigger bark at the box office. The other thing that stings is that the Disney flick was in fewer locations than News Corp.'s exercise in gore. And that gave News Corp. an advantage in terms of per-theater revenues.
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