Walt Disney Records is making a splash on the music scene by targeting tweens.

Associated Press

NEW YORK - The new mantra of the music industry? Don't trust anyone over 16!

Kids are a potent new army of music fans, a trend that became obvious a few weeks ago when the top three discs on the Billboard album chart were likely bought with allowance money.

The three big hits were the soundtrack to the Disney Channel movie "High School Musical," the ninth volume of the popular "Kidz Bop" series and the laconic, good-time cheer of Jack Johnson's "Curious George" soundtrack.

"They're all quite different and unique and they all have slightly different demographics," said Damon Whiteside, vice president of marketing at Walt Disney Records.

Up until a few years ago, Disney was an admittedly sleepy record label. It's now been transformed through projects that appeal to young people from diapers through puberty - including 3.6 million copies of "Baby Einstein" product sold, and hits with the "Cheetah Girls" and "That's So Raven" soundtracks.

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