This is why James Cameron hasn’t made a new feature film in almost 10 years: It’s because if he isn’t mucking around with underwater submarines and the like, he’s busy creating next generation casinos in Asia. Well, actually, he hasn’t done the latter before, but Variety reports that the man who made Titanic was in Vegas yesterday to join in on Harrah’s Entertainment’s announcement of their plans to build a casino resort in Singapore, with Cameron executive producing the “centerpiece” attraction of the resort, a high-tech theme park dubbed iPort.
“The ‘I’ in iPort stands for immersion,” Cameron said at the presentation yesterday. “You have to think of it as less of a place than as a total experience. IPort will offer an experience to the guest unlike anything else in the world: an immersive exploration and celebration of global entertainment in an environment that is visually stunning and constantly stimulating.”
The first-class dining room and the boiler room from Titanic are proposed to be part of the attraction, as well as a recreation of the famous vessel’s destruction which visitors can observe. Aliens, too, is probably going to get some kind of presence at the casino, while other attractions will be based on anime characters, videogames, and possibly even Bollywood films.
“Ten years ago I did the T2 3-D attraction for Universal, and that combined 3-D large-format film with live show elements, and that project got me hooked on 3-D,” Cameron says. “It’s very obvious to me that keeping my hand in the technical creativity that goes into theme park attractions can really feed back into the moviemaking. It goes full circle. Then the movies spawn more attractions.”
Source : Now Playing Mag