City of Arabia is a 20 million square foot development lying at the heart of Dubailand and serves as its gateway and main residential and retail centre. With business and administrative offices, schools and clinics, supported by luxury apartments, shops, galleries, restaurants and unique attractions, the City of Arabia will become a key destination and urban community within new Dubai.

City of Arabia is a dream destination with international vision offering stylish shopping, eclectic dining and captivating entertainment all served by its own monorail system to transport residents and visitors around the site.

Planned to link with the Dubai Light Rail Project, the City of Arabia monorail will provide comfort and convenience so you can make the most of your visit. To keep your dream on track, the City of Arabia's monorail system offers convenient access to all residential areas, the Restless Planet and the Mall.

At the heart of this unprecedented development, the City of Arabia will set the standard in urban development. Comprising four key feature developments, this vibrant community will attract tourists from around the world and will be an exclusive home to Dubai’s growing population
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Located in the heart of Dubailand, the exclusive Elite Towers offer incredible views of the City of Arabia and the Dubai skyline beyond Dedicated, carefully planned commercial and residential towers provide a dynamic visual backdrop to an elegant urban centre.

The Height of Perfection View the City of Arabia and surrounding Dubailand from the Elite Towers,screating a skyline that adds to the overall urban experience.

With their dramatic facades, the towers complement the already striking appearance of the area and offer both residential and commercial facilities perfect for individual or corporate investment.

Meticulous planning will ensure that the density and architecture of the towers combine to create a dynamic, modern city hub. Thirty-four tower blocks offer residential and corporate investors the height of perfection with apartments and offices available in this self-sufficient community with the character and charm of a central city district.

Four 60 storey towers are being reserved for commercial and hotel tenants; twenty 45 storey towers are being allocated for mixed commercial and residential use; and ten 30 storey towers are exclusively for residential accommodation.n

All towers have convenient access via several junctions from the Emirates Road, with the monorail connecting them to all areas of the City of Arabia and the Dubai Light Railway.
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Restless Planet

Imagine going back 100 million years or more… to feel the power of the cosmic forces that helped shape our planet, and come face to face with giant dinosaurs.

Restless Planet is a unique electronic media and natural history experience… where visitors enter a prehistoric world.

History Roars at Restless Planet

Restless Planet offers the world’s ultimate theme ride back into the mists of time – through the state-of-the-art electronics of today. Here, in the glittering new City of Arabia, you are transported back millions of years into the prehistoric kingdom of the dinosaurs. The world-renowned Natural History Museum of London has drawn on the elite of science, entertainment and technology expertise to realise the dream of bringing these giant creatures and the mysteries of the nature of our planet to life

Along with the acclaimed dinosaur authority Jack Horner, Tokyo-based animatronics team Kokoro have recreated the real life creatures of the Jurassic era, enclosed within an 80-metre high translucent dome designed by international theme park specialists Jack Rouse Associates, with some content supplied by the BBC’s world-respected Natural History Unit.

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Mall of Arabia

More than just a mall, it’s a unique lifestyle experience with its vast ancient Middle Eastern exterior housing the best of international fashion brands, a state-of-the-art stage for theatrical performances, a 15-screen cinema, bowling alley and a world-class spa.

A Phenomenal Shopping Resort

A global shopping resort, the Mall of Arabia provides a delightfully different shopping experience. Its striking facade beckons and then entices the visitor to its central area to begin a global consumer tour. A simple circular navigation system, striking design features and a superb range of leisure and entertainment facilities will put the mall on the list of must-see Dubai attractions.

Situated in the heart of Dubailand, the Mall of Arabia is destined to become one of the world’s finest shopping resorts.

With phase one spanning over 5.6 million square feet of GLA, and comprising two levels with over 10,000 parking spaces, the mall is directly linked to the Restless Planet, the village atmosphere of the Wadi Walk canals and other areas of the City of Arabia via three monorail stations.
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Wadi Walk

Where the water reflects a vibrant atmosphere of attractive retail shops and outdoor cafes.

Wadi Walk offers a comfortable community blending timeless Mediterranean architecture into ultra-modern Dubai.

An Exclusive Destination

Stroll down Wadi Walk on a leisurely afternoon with its apartments, shops, waterfront cafes and restaurants; or sit sipping coffee and people-watch in this cosmopolitan environment. You’ll forget you’re in Dubai in this community with plenty of shade and greenery along the banks of the gently flowing canals. A village atmosphere by the water will encourage residents and visitors of all ages to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

Pastel shaded properties accented with archways and window shutters along a waterfront lined with ornate lampposts provide the quaintness that makes Wadi Walk a charming urban community.

Add the multitude of shops, cruising riverboats and ethnic cafes and restaurants to make it an exclusive destination exuding a sense of comfort and tranquillity.
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