Rudin and Bonaventura Team on Stoneheart
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
March 20, 2006

Paramount Pictures has purchased film rights for screenwriter Charlie Fletcher's contemporary novel Stoneheart, which is scheduled for publication in September in the U.S. (Hyperion) and the U.K. (Hachette).

The Hollywood Reporter says Scott Rudin and Lorenzo di Bonaventura wanted to produce the movie, which has franchise potential; Fletcher plans to complete a trilogy. Paramount production co-president Alli Shearmur asked the two men to work together on the large-scale project, and they heartily agreed.

"It's a great children's book, which Scott and I both read," di Bonaventura said. "We thought, 'This is the way to do 'The Wizard of Oz' in England.' We're setting our goals high."

In Stoneheart, London statues of famous people come alive to re-enact their history. "This is very 'Harry Potter,'" said di Bonaventura, who supervised that franchise when he was president of production at Warner Bros. Pictures. "It's scary when gargoyles come to life and soldiers in Trafalgar Square are still fighting battles. It's a very visual piece."