Visit the Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition!
Source: The California Science Center
March 20, 2006

The California Science Center will host the world premiere of "Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition" on March 26, 2006. "Marvel Super Heroes," which runs through September 4, 2006, will immerse visitors in the electrifying sights, sounds and sensations of the Marvel Universe while they explore how some of the most loved comic book heroes and villains bring science into their world.

Engaging and interactive experiences will encourage visitors to learn about real life science and technology through the mythic powers of Super Heroes. Is there a biological basis to Hulk's transformation? How can knowledge of simple mechanics help us command the strength of Iron Man? Visitors of all ages will enjoy finding the answers to these questions and more as they learn about science and technology while living the fantasy of their favorite Marvel Super Hero.

In this exhibition, visitors can explore the science and power within Marvel's Super Heroes. Visitors can:

See if their senses are as sharp as Daredevil's when they navigate through an alleyway using their sense of touch and hearing clues ("psst over here")
Investigate the Incredible Hulk's brain and learn which areas are responsible for generating human emotions such as rage—the key to Hulk's super abilities
Discover what it's like to have a helping hand or three with Doctor Octopus through the engineering technology of prosthetic limbs
Examine how lightning is created and calculate the distance of a thunderstorm that destroys a villain in the Storm exhibit.
See how an optical illusion known as motion-induced blindness can make the Invisible Woman disappear

In one of the highlights of the exhibit, visitors can become a real life Iron Man by stepping into an exo-suit to lift a Scion xB, a vehicle weighing nearly 2500 lbs. By experimenting with simple levers and pulleys to lift weights, they will learn what the future holds for increasing human strength.

In another area, visitors will explore the wonders of Spider-Man when they learn about the elasticity and strength of spider webs. Here they will be able to test the strength of a synthetic fiber, similar to spider silk, called Technora™.

Visitors entering the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning will interact with the X-Men and discover how genetic mutation can evolve into super abilities. They can see how matter changes from one state to another when Iceman transforms himself into ice or explore the magnetic fields that protect Magneto. Guests can examine Wolverine's skeleton—strengthened by an indestructible metal—and then learn about artificial parts developed by biomedical engineers to enhance patients' lives. In the Danger Room, which focuses on Banshee's sonic superpowers, visitors can discover the physical nature of sound waves and learn about their unique properties. They can create motion with the sound emitted from a tuning fork and explore how sound is used in current technology—from ultrasound to sound guns.

Other experiences in the exhibition:

Follow a timeline that covers the history of Marvel comics from the Golden Ages, to Comics in Crisis, to Reinvention. Learn how the story lines of Marvel comics are connected to historical social, political and cultural events, as well as society's hopes and fears about the future of science.
Visit the Stan Lee Theater and watch an exclusive interview with the creative mastermind behind some of Marvels most popular characters.
Become a Super Hero and appear on the cover of a Marvel comic. Have your picture taken and then watch as it is superimposed onto the face of a character from a selection of covers.

The "Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition" features over 9,000 sq. ft. of interactive experiences developed, designed and fabricated by Yellowbrick•Holman Exhibition Inc. in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre. After its debut in Los Angeles, the Ontario Science Centre will tour "Marvel Super Heroes" to other science centers and museums in North America.