What a Dog of a movie, he he he . What I mean is the movie was prety good. I thought the overall storyline was a little weak but all in all Kid love it. Loaded with dogs behaving badly and butt sniffin. Not to shaggy I mean shabby.

Its not a movie that will make you go out and preorder it for DVD and it may not be worth full price, but I would say its worth the price of a matinee and loading up your purse with 7-11 nachos and drinks.

Heres my main complaint about this movie and about most movies, the scene takes place in an upper class suburb with folks jogging and people driving there expensive cars. Well what do we also notice is that everyone is caucasian, ok grant it, that sounds about right but I see an african american living there also which is cool to but lo and behold the lawn care guys is Mexican. not living there but a lawn care guy. Is that all we do in America? I have seen many movies where every maid, babysitter and lawn care guys is Mexican. I would of hoped that Disney would have given a hispanic person a home in the movie.

Ok thats all for that. I love every race, believe me, I have dated everyone of them. but give a Mexican a chance at least in the movies. Bad Disney no bone for you.