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    Mr. Eisner's new CNBC neighborhood

    Mr. Eisner's new neighborhood

    'Conversations With Michael Eisner' is sort of like taking a meeting with the onetime Disney kingpin.
    By Paul Brownfield, Times Staff Writer
    March 28, 2006

    CNBC says the talk show "Conversations With Michael Eisner," premiering tonight at 6, will run "bimonthly," which makes it sound like a corporate newsletter or a think tank's glossy.

    Certainly the first episode feels mogul-wonky (what, you expected an opening monologue and Michael Ovitz's straw hat band?), Eisner sitting down at the far end of a long, beautiful conference table and chatting gruffly but amiably with power pals like Omnimedia's Martha Stewart and Sony's Howard Stringer, not to mention Bran Ferren, a former longtime Disney Imagineering technologist who created profitable toys for Eisner, such as Disneyland's Tower of Terror.
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    Re: Mr. Eisner's new CNBC neighborhood

    I just accidently caught the tail end of this show, tonight.


    Just wish Eisner would stay out of sight. At the end of the
    show, they had a preview of Michael interviewing Regis.
    Regis is practically attacking Eisner for running the Millionaire
    show too many times a week, and then cancelling it altogether
    rather then letting it run one night a week. All Eisner could
    say is that the decision to run the show that much was his
    (Eisner's) decision, and that it was a mistake.

    HEY! This show might actually get some good ratings IF
    CNBC has someone who has been wronged by Eisner ,
    and letting them confront Eisner one on one, for all of Eisners
    bad decisions! CNBC's version of WWF!!

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