To some podcasters the news may represent a validation of the potential of podcasting. For others, it may represent a stake to the indie podcasting heart. Radio Disney plans to offer free, ad-supported podcasts that target 6-to-14 year-old children.

Starting in June, Radio Disney will insert ads into its weekly podcasts over periods such as a month. Video-game maker THQ is among the first to sign on.

For our advertisers, podcasting is just a part of an overall strategy they make with their brand, says Jean-Paul Colaco, president-general manager of Radio Disney Worldwide. Its taking all the pieces and maximizes the impact.

Disney has advantages over independent podcasters when it comes to ad-supported podcasts. First, parents know the Disney brand and are more likely to be comfortable letting children listen to Disney-branded podcasts. For advertisers, Disney provides an opportunity to provide exposure across a broad range of media types.
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