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    SHAG at Comic Con 2006!

    I know a lot of the people on here are huge fans of SHAG! He'll be at San Diego Comic Con 2006:
    Josh Agle (better known as Shag, a contraction of the last 2 letters of his first name and the first 2 of his last) started his professional career as an illustrator/designer, but found his original paintings started to garner considerable attention from galleries and collectors. Shag’s colorful and playful style has charmed his fans, but what he’s really doing with his jet-setter people in fabulous settings is telling stories. “Most of my paintings are set in the middle of a story or situation,” he reveals. A major new book on his work, Shag: The Art of Josh Agle, debuted in 2005. This is his first appearance at Comic-Con.
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    Re: SHAG at Comic Con 2006!

    Oh man! I LOVE his stuff! If I lived in San Diego I would SO be there!

    :: pouts ::

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    Re: SHAG at Comic Con 2006!

    OOOOO, When?
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