Sleeping Beauty came out on a Special Edition 2-disc DVD came out Fall of 2003. They are usually put in the vault within a year or two. Except for Disney-Pixar films when are all out of the Vault. Go figure!

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^ one of the most creative marketing ideas ever for home video. They made their movies collectible even. When they do take them out of the vault, they generally make more extras than on previous versions, such as the future Dumbo DVD. I already have Dumbo, but I'll be damned if I won't strongly consider getting the new one. Disney is very creative in finding ways to make us part with our money

on topic, I'd say check ebay and Amazon as well.
Yes, but think of it this way...

Before the days of home video (and DVD) the films were re-introduced to each generation every couple of years. So this is how they continue to do this.

But here's food for thought -- they only do this in the States.