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    "Bonds On Bonds: A New Low For Disney's ESPN

    Starting last week, Disney's ESPN Original Entertainment sunk to a new low, IMHO.

    They gave Barry Bonds his own "reality" t-v show.

    As I recently posted in the Baseball Thread...

    He's the greatest player of this generation.

    But he's also, at least in public perception, one of the bigger jerks around.

    Should the media deny him mvp votes because he doesn't get along with them? Absolutely not. Should fans throw syringes (as in San Diego)? Of course not.
    Are there some idiotic questions asked sometimes? No question.

    But Mr. Bonds, it's all part of the deal of being a big-league ballplayer and enjoying the money and fame you have.

    And as broadcaster Jon Miller so delicately tried to put it...he's brought most of this...on himself.

    People who send death threats are morons. But Bonds acted in this show like he's the first ballplayer to ever get em. Reference, oh - Hank Aaron, Roger Maris, Jackie Robinson among others for historical perspective.

    Yeah, I admit - I'm watching...I want to see if the Imagineers can pull off the ultimate in this, yet another so-called...reality show...make Barry Bonds, likeable.

    A new low for Disney in my book.
    Thought I might start this as a separate thread since it is reality (LOL) TV, and it also involves Disney.

    Bonds, by the way, has control over the content of this show, which will be airing on, I believe, ESPN-2 every Tuesday.

    Your thoughts?

    Barry (as in Radiobarry, not Mr. Bonds)
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: "Bonds On Bonds: A New Low For Disney's ESPN

    Not saying he's not a jerk. But everyone seems to forget that Mark McGwire (sp?) was a huge jerk before the home run race. He just learned to sell himself. Bonds has never learned this and I doubt he ever will. As a Giants fan, I wish he would for pete's sake at least sometime before he retires. But whatever. I'm not gonna watch the show because I tend to hate reality in general (with the notable exception of the ones on Bravo where the people are actually fairly intelligent). But I'll probably keep tabs on it every now and then.
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    Re: "Bonds On Bonds: A New Low For Disney's ESPN

    Cheater....sorry I am a Dodger Fan.

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